Oil Change Service

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Why Get an Oil Change for Your Honda?

Engine oil is an integral factor in the longevity of your engine. It keeps the internal parts of your engine well lubricated and protects them against wear and tear. Replacing your oil is essential in order to keep your engine performing at its best.

When to Change the Oil in Your Honda?

Although all new Honda models have a Maintenance Minder System to alert you as to when your Honda requires an oil change based on your particular vehicle and driving habits, most Honda vehicles will require an oil change every 3,000 to 7,000 miles to maintain optimum performance.

How to Know if you Have a Problem with Your Engine Oil?

Knowing how to identify the symptoms of an engine oil related problem may be able to save you a lot of inconvenience. Below are a couple of common symptoms that will help you discover if you have an engine oil related problem.

Honda oil stains under vechicle

Oil Stains Under Your Honda

Spotting oil stains under your Honda can be tricky, especially in the summer. It’s common for your vehicle’s air conditioner to drip water — be sure not to mistake it for oil. If you do spot oil stains under your Honda, we recommend scheduling a service appointment as soon as possible. Common areas to look for at the start of an oil leak are the valve cover gaskets, oil pan drain plug and oil pan gasket.

Honda oil service light vechicle

Engine Oil Light is Blinking

If your Honda is suffering from low motor oil or the oil light is on, a major problem may arise. The engine needs a certain amount of oil to stay lubricated like it was designed to. If the oil light on your vehicle’s dashboard comes on and stays on after starting your vehicle, you should stop the engine and have it diagnosed by a Honda technician immediately.

Why Get Your Oil Changed at Honda East?

Here at Honda East, we make it easy and convenient to get your oil changed, whether you schedule your service appointment or stop in quickly to use our Honda Express Service. We’ll keep your vehicle running at its best by using the recommended engine oil and oil filters that are specifically created for your Honda.

Our Honda service technicians will inspect and make sure your engine doesn’t have any problems. If there are any issues, they will explain what they’ve found and give you advice and recommendations for getting the most of your engine.