Honda Battery Replacement

Honda Battery Replacement

Simply put, your battery is one of the most vital components under the hood of your Honda vehicle. Without your battery, you wouldn’t be able to start your vehicle, listen to the radio, or turn on the headlights. Taking the time to make sure that your battery is in proper working condition can be the difference between worry-free driving and finding yourself stranded on the side of the road. Fortunately, you can count on our team of service experts here at Honda East Cincinnati to give your battery a thorough check-up to ensure that it’s healthy and ready for the long haul.

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How Long Does a Car Battery Typically Last?

In general, the average life of a car battery is about four to six years. It’s important to remember that a variety of factors play a role in the life of your battery. These include extreme temperatures, short-distance trips, leaving your vehicle parked without starting for extended periods of time, and additional drain from the use of electrical accessories. It’s certainly a good idea to have your battery tested when you bring your vehicle in for routine maintenance to ensure that it’s in good health.

Battery Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect and remove corrosion that has collected around your battery terminal posts. Any corrosion buildup can be a warning sign of a weak or dying battery.
  • Secure and loose clamps or cables around your battery terminals to ensure a good connection.
  • Turn off electrical accessories including the radio, interior lights, and headlamps when not in use. This limits excessive drain on the battery and can help extend its life.
  • Check the date code listed on your battery. The code starts with a digit and a letter; 18 would indicate 2018 and it is followed by a number denoting the month A being January, B being February, and so on. The older your battery is, the more likely it may need to be replaced.
  • Take note of the climate you live in. Higher temperature climates have a harsher impact on battery life than colder climates do.

Signs and Symptoms of a Dying Battery

  • Delayed or slow cranking when starting your vehicle.
  • Battery warning light has appeared on your dashboard.
  • Excessive corrosion buildup around battery posts.
  • Dimming of interior or exterior lights during normal usage.
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Complimentary Battery Test and Inspection

Concerned about your battery? Before it leaves you stranded, visit us at Honda East Cincinnati for a complimentary battery inspection and test. Our Honda Certified Service Technicians will conduct a thorough test, clean any corrosion from the battery terminals, install a replacement battery if necessary, and properly dispose of your old battery.

Genuine Honda Parts and Certified Service Technicians

Your Honda vehicle was engineered to operate using a specific type of battery. Honda East Cincinnati carries Genuine Honda batteries that are designed to meet your vehicle’s original specifications. Our team of Certified Service Technicians will install your replacement battery using specialized parts, tools, and diagnostic equipment. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Honda will continue to provide years of carefree driving.