Do You Need Winter Tires For Your Honda

Your tires play an important role in both how your vehicle performs on a daily basis as well as how it contributes to the safety of you and your loved ones. As the only component that separates you and your vehicle from the road surface, remember that not all tires are created equal. You’re probably familiar with the concept of all-season tires which are designed to provide balanced performance across all types of weather conditions. However, if you live in a climate where you face freezing temperatures and snow accumulations like here in Cincinnati, Ohio – it’s time to consider a set of dedicated winter tires. Our team at Honda East Cincinnati has created this informative guide that lists all of the advantages and benefits that come from equipping your vehicle with a set of snow tires. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

What Are Winter Tires?

Often referred to as either winter tires or snow tires, these types of tires feature specialized rubber compounds that are resistant to hardening in cold temperatures. For example, typical all-season tires suffer from reduced traction and grip due to the fact that their rubber compounds harden in cold weather. This “harder” rubber results in drivers receiving less control and stability in winter weather conditions.

Conversely, winter tires are able to deliver confident handling and traction when the temperatures dip below freezing. Equally as important, they also feature deeper tread patterns and specialized channels that can direct snow, slush, and ice accumulations away from the tread surface. Although winter tires are no substitute for safe driving practices such as maintaining a greater following distance, avoiding heavy acceleration, and gradually applying the brakes – you’ll undoubtedly enjoy greater peace of mind when your Honda is equipped with snow tires.

Benefits of Winter Tires

Superior Traction – Without question, the biggest reason to consider a set of winter tires is the fact that you’ll enjoy greater traction in slippery winter weather conditions. It’s also important to note that this doesn’t just include deep snow or slush! Summer tires and all-season tires are susceptible to hardening when the temperatures are below freezing, leading to a significant loss of traction. In fact, they can suffer this loss of control at temperatures below just 40 degrees. Instead, choosing a set of winter tires means you can stay safe and confident when driving your Honda in the colder months.

Extend Summer Tire Life – Due to the fact that your summer tires or all-season tires will no longer be on your vehicle year round, you’ll be able to extend their lifespan. You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds – responsive handling in the summer and greater confidence in the winter thanks to having two sets of tires designed to excel in their respective seasonal conditions.

Protect Your Wheels – Your stylish alloy wheels can take a beating when exposed to harsh winter hazards including road salt, potholes, and other road debris. Considering a separate set of winter wheels for your snow tires means that you’ll keep your summer set clean and fresh while your winter wheels are subjected to the elements.

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Honda East Cincinnati carries a robust selection of winter tires from the top brands in the industry, designed for maximum performance on your Honda vehicle. Our team is standing by to help you choose a set of snow tires that deliver the superior traction and control that you need to stay safe in harsh winter weather. Better still, our everyday low prices make it easy to save big on your next tire purchase. Shop online from the comfort of your couch or stop by in person at the dealership and one of our Honda tire experts will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.