Honda Service Pass Program Advantages

Honda Service Pass Program Advantages

Driving a Honda offers a variety of benefits that you’re probably already aware of – especially if you’ve been driving Honda vehicles for a while. From their revolutionary safety features and cutting-edge technology to dynamic and economical performance characteristics found beneath the hood – Honda vehicles are simply engineered to higher standards than the competition. But now Honda is providing another great benefit – and Honda East Cincinnati is excited to introduce you to Honda Service Pass – a complimentary maintenance program that offers a collection of perks to make your driving experience that much more rewarding.

Honda Service Technician

What is Honda Service Pass?

Standard on all 2025 model year Honda vehicles, Honda Service Pass is a complimentary maintenance program that provides coverage for your first year (from the date of registration or for 12,000 miles, whichever comes first).

Included Services:

  • Maintenance Minders
  • Engine Oil and Filter Change
  • Tire Rotations
  • Multi-point Inspections

You’ll be able to drive with the added reassurance that comes from knowing that your Honda will receive expert care and attention from factory-trained Honda technicians using only Genuine Honda parts and components. All at no charge to you!

Honda Complimentary Maintenance – Savings that Really Add Up

According to a recent study (2022), Honda vehicles cost, on average, $428 per year to maintain. Demonstrating their quality and reliability, this amount is 52% less expensive than the industry average of $652. But still, saving $428 per year for your first year is $428 of real money you won’t need to spend maintaining your new Honda! Plus, this isn’t just “any maintenance” either – your maintenance is completed by Honda factory-trained technicians, using genuine Honda parts – all specifically engineered for the specific needs of your Honda.

So enjoy the peace of mind that comes from not needing to worry about the quality OR the cost of maintaining your Honda for its first year under your ownership. It’s just one more reason to choose Honda when you’re looking for a new vehicle.

Honda Service Pass – Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limitations on maintenance services during the 1-Year/12,000-Mile coverage?

There is no specified limit on complimentary maintenance services. Provided the services are recommended by the maintenance minder system onboard the vehicle, the recommended services will qualify.

Does the Maintenance Minder notification have to be activated in order to receive service?

Yes. In order for the service to be eligible under the complimentary maintenance program, the maintenance minder light must be active for the recommended service in question.

Can I transfer my Honda Service Pass to the next owner of the vehicle?

Yes. If the vehicle is sold to another owner within the 1-year or 12,000-mile program terms, the new owner will receive the remaining benefits left on the term.