Overcoming Supply Chain Impacts to Find a New Honda

Is There a Shortage of New Honda Vehicles? | Honda East Cincinnati

If you’ve been watching the news or shopping for a new car lately, you’re probably aware of how difficult it can be to find a new car just sitting there on a dealership lot. Even though this situation will come to an end at some point – if you need a vehicle soon, then this shortage of new Honda vehicles is likely unavoidable for you.

What we’ve done here at Honda East is taken the unprecedented step of displaying our entire pipeline of new Honda inventory, meaning that even if there are only a few dozen vehicles actually on our lot for you to shop in-person, you can still see vehicles here on our website that may be In-Transit to the dealership or even just recently scheduled for production, allowing you to view over 150 New Honda vehicles allocated to our dealership!  Some of these vehicles have already been reserved by customers, so to make it easy for you to know what vehicles are still available, we have tagged each vehicle on the website with one of the three tags below.

Reserve Honda

How Can I Reserve a New Honda?

We have organized our website to make finding your new Honda as easy as possible.  To accomplish this, we have tagged each and every vehicle on the website with one of three tags, which you will find right in each vehicle’s listing:

In Stock Available

IN STOCK: AVAILABLE:  Our smallest set of vehicles, New Honda Vehicles displaying this tag are here at the dealership and available for immediate delivery. As you can imagine, vehicles spend very little time in this category, as our in-stock inventory tends to sell quickly. Contact us to reserve yours and even schedule a test drive of these In-Stock vehicles.

On Order - Available

ON ORDER: AVAILABLE:  Vehicles with this tag can be days away from arriving to months away from arriving here at the dealership – but they WILL arrive. Some of the vehicles have not been produced yet, and some of them are en route to the dealership right now. Contact us to reserve one of these vehicles, and we’ll let you know what timeline we expect for delivery.

On Order - Sold

ON ORDER: SOLD:  Although we display our entire pipeline of vehicles on the website, unfortunately, vehicles displaying this tag have already been reserved by other shoppers. If it proves frustrating to search through a bunch of unavailable vehicles, we created this page of Available Honda Inventory  where we filter out the “Sold” and “Reserved” vehicles for you.

Honda CR-V

How Long Will the Shortage Last?

Unfortunately, things are not expected to improve any time soon. Industry experts are suggesting that the new car shortage will last well into 2023. However, new semiconductor plants in the United States and abroad, as well as other steps taken by the industry to combat low supply of critical components, will combine to bring things “back to normal” as quickly as possible.

Until then however, the team here at Honda East Cincinnati will continue to be as transparent as possible with the options available to you to find and reserve your next new Honda vehicle. Reach out at any time with questions and concerns you may have – after all, we’re still figuring out this “new normal” too. No matter what, though, we will do our best to make sure that you get what you’re looking for here at Honda East Cincinnati.